Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cold brewed coffee

I guess you can say this coffee is more "eco-friendly" because it doesn't use heat. It's also more "delicious." I like the way coffee tastes when brewed this way, you get a lot more of the subtle flavors and a lot less of the undesirable ones. I've also noticed it really smoothes out the "bitter" taste of some coffees.

- Mix 1 cup coffee grounds to 4.5 cups water

- Stir it every so often till the grounds become saturated and sink to the bottom.

- Let it sit for 8 hours (a lot like sun tea)

- Filter it (I stick a wire strainer over a pot and put a paper towel in it)

- Filter it again (I use a regular old coffee filter in the strainer this time, and just like a tea bag, don't squeeze it to speed it up)

- Store it in the fridge for whenever you want coffee.

It'll come out more concentrated, so you may have to dilute with water to taste - or if you're like me, don't dilute it at all, and just mix some Irish cream and a shot of mint in with it, and pour it over ice.

I'd love to hear what you think.

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